How To Fix Overheating Playstation?

I thought I was the only one who’s PlayStation would just go above the maximum heat capacity and turn off often. After asking a few friends and spending some time on the internet, I got to know it was a common problem and Sony seems not to be very interested in fixing the issue. The song is always working on minimizing the size of the console but forgets the overheating problem which almost all of their customer’s face. On the forums, many people refused that is an issue. So, Now I had to find what was going on, why do I have such an issue while some other’s don’t. After spending time and applying some physics formulas, I figure out it was because I had kept in a closed environment and it caused the whole problem. It was trying to circulate the same air again and again, and with time the air got hotter and hotter, So it ended by boiling my PlayStation.

Fixing The Issue

To get started with the fix. I firstly opened the PlayStation and cleaned the dust that was collected inside. I use an air blower to do this; you can also use compressed air but make sure you won’t use anything which has water. If you didn’t already know water + electronics are a disaster, so just stay away from them.

After finishing the cleaning process, I started removing the wiring system I used inside the cupboard where my PlayStation was before. I got ever cable out of the cupboard and used cable tier to manage everything and hang my ps3 on the wall with very nicely managed wiring system. It was so good that if my mom even saw it, she would be like “I am proud of you my son.” Jokes aside, let’s get going on fixing the overheating.

After doing this process, I won’t lie, but I had a huge difference in the average temperature at which the ps3 operated. It could play several hours without having any such heating problem. Until the day I decided to take it to another level. I used an external liquid cooler usually used in computers to keep the temperature of my console in control, and it worked well. Designing the custom loop for liquid cooling did take a few hours but it the end it was worth it. It just doesn’t look very cool but it very silent and no chances of ever heating up.
For the process, I used NZXT Kraken X61. I used it, particularly because it’s a very popular when it comes to liquid coolers, and I also had plans to get a gaming computer soon enough. So, It was worth it.
I used dual 140mm radiator and fans, Some people might call this stupidity but I am an enthusiast, and I am proud of what I did.

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