My First Fortnite Experience

ninja building in fortniteIt’s been a long time since my last post, I have been busy with exams. Moving on, I am sure you have heard of the fortnight hype, and it’s taking over the world

I am honestly not into much into battle royale games but was some of my friends forced me to try it. It’s been a week; I have been playing fortnight, I liked it.

I have tried games like PUBG and H1Z1 before, but they weren’t my type. Fortnite’s cartoonish looks are very appealing, and of course, how can I forget the game mechanics.

It beings with a hundred people on a battleship. Yeah, A hundred people in one single game and you have to fight every single one of them.

Fortnite has excellent graphics and very calming to play. The game features mostly projectile based weapons, and it’s hard to aim with them. Especially, snipers, I am a big time CS GO player and a professional AWP (At least I believe so), but I still had trouble adjusting to Fortnite snipers.twitch ninja streamer

Someone once said, The harder a sniper is to hit, The more adrenalin it releases when you hit a shot. -PS. They are my words.

I am sure most of you are aware of twitch and how popular the platform has become in the recent times. Fortnite has most viewership on Twitch, Which is insane if you think about it. Games like GTA 5 and PUBG are way behind. Though I have seen some people prioritize PUBG over Fortnite, it’s just not for me. Ninja has reached over 4.5 million followers on Twitch in such a short period. He mostly plays Fortnite as well; I even copied his Ninja’s Fortnite settings, He is one of the best players and what better way to get better at the game than using their in-game settings.

You will find many other Fortnite streamers on Twitch, the Major reason being the Hype, Seeing Ninja, Many streamers have switched to just streaming Fortnite. It is working much for them as the game doesn’t seem to slow down the pace. They even released a mobile version which quickly became one of the most popular games on App store. Though the Mobile version doesn’t seem polished enough yet and there are many downsides to it. Firstly you cannot use an MFI controller with it, and it runs on the same servers as the PC version, With controller incompatibility and PC players with high-end gaming machines, It’s kinda unfair and hard to keep up.

Well, Enough complains, Fortnite is a good game and worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet. I am sure you will like it.

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