About Me

My name is JeffHey, My name is Jeff. Just kidding, My real name is harry. Currently a student in one of the best art’s college. I am more info painting and writing books. This is VT Tennis‘s blog by Virtual Toys. This was the game I have been playing since the time my mom bought me my ps3. I spend at least an hour with it everyday and happen to know a lot about the game. This is not the only thing in my life, I also play other video games and participate in several sports. I am also going to write about more stuff that all gamers and nerds will find very interesting on my blog. Make sure you subscribe to the website, So you can keep yourself updated with the news about games and gadgets. If you want to contact me, Send me a mail on admin@vt-tennis.com or leave a comment on any of my posts.
Jeff Out!