Getting Started With VT Tennis

Virtual Toys has launched worldwide its latest iPhone and iPad creation, VT Tennis

This title, classified in the sports category, is also available for Nintendo DSi through Nintendo´s on-line distribution channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop.

VT Tennis is available too for PSP and PS3 through the PlayStation Store.

When you start the game, You will be asked to select difficulty level at which you want to play. If you are new to game first level is recommended, It will get you get used to the game.

After playing for a few hours, You are not ready to one-up the level and test your skills. You might feel a major difference while switching from 1st to 2nd level. It’s normal and you will get used to it with time. Next up, You will be asked if you want to play single or doubles match. If you want to play alone, You can choose the single option. It will then ask for your gender. The best part about VT Tennis is that we allow you to play as a girl even if you are actually a boy. It’s a functionality which is not supported in a lot of games but thanks to the DEV team’s hard work, it could be made possible. This works like a little cherry on top of the cake.

More In-Game Settings

After following though the steps mentioned above. Now it’s time to actually tweak the in-game settings. This is very important, You can choose how many matches you would like to play. Why is this so important?
Suppose you are in school and teacher is teaching, You might want to go for a quick match but not for a long 30 minute match. This makes it possible to tweak a match such that it ends in 5 minutes.

Exclusive bonuses

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There are several maps in the game. More like several table models. Each map will have a different colored table. If you are a color blind you might have difficulty figuring out the difference between all maps but trust me they are different.

After this you will jump straight into the game. The controls are very simple and you will have no problem figuring them out on your PSP or Ps3, or any other platform you are playing it on.